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Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality

Our Power Poles are equipped with vertical 80W solar panels and a heated lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery. Need more power? Customize up to 2250W with additional panels.

Emergency USB Charging Ports

Keep your devices powered in critical situations.

Satellite IoT Surveillance

Enhance security and monitoring capabilities.

Weather and Environmental Monitoring

Stay informed with real-time data.

Emergency Beacon

Ensure safety with a reliable emergency signal.

Unmatched Performance in Any Climate

Our solar-powered poles are equipped with heated LiFePo4 lithium-ion batteries, engineered to endure cold temperatures and ensure reliable power for up to 5 days, even in harsh Canadian climates. With a service life exceeding 20 years, our batteries offer a low-maintenance and dependable solution, far outlasting other solar-powered pole batteries on the market. 

Available in battery options ranging from 1.25 to 5KW.h, Stern’s Power Poles are designed to perform in any climate, rain or shine.


16 Foot Pole

Specifications: Two 80W solar panels, optional 1.25KW.h or 2.5KW.h heated LiFePo4 battery with cloud interface.

Ideal For: Retail spaces, schools, businesses, and recreation areas.

21 Foot Pole

Specifications: Four 80W solar panels (320W total), 2.5KW.h heated LiFePo4 battery with optional cloud interface.

Ideal For: Businesses, community centers, and new developments.

32 Foot Pole

Specifications: Eight 80W solar panels (640W total), 5KW.h heated LiFePo4 battery with optional cloud interface.

Ideal For: Businesses, sports complexes, construction sites, and oil and gas operations.

Stern Power Poles (4)

Our Power Poles are fully customizable to match your specific needs. We offer various panel ratings, battery sizes, and weatherization options, along with additional features such as lighting and security systems. 

Whether you need to illuminate a construction site, offer Wi-Fi to visitors, or power a new development, or remote area, our team—with over 75 years of experience—is dedicated to crafting the ideal solution for you.

Discover how Stern Solar’s Power Poles can be integrated into your business, community, construction, or resource extraction site. 

Contact us today to learn more about our customizable energy solutions and how we can help power your sustainable energy projects.

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