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Stern Solar: Lighting Up The World One Light At A Time

Stern Solar: Lighting Up The World One Light At A Time

At Stern Solar, we are pioneering a new era in the outdoor solar lamp pole design and power generation industry.

About Us

At Stern Solar, we are pioneering a new era in the outdoor solar lamp pole design and power generation industry. Our journey began with a vision to redefine industry standards and to create a solution that not only stands out but also stands tall. The Stern Solar Power Pole, our flagship product, is a game-changer, boasting a scalable 18 to 30-meter structure and a powerful 3750W solar panel rating, surpassing competitors. With a patented curved panel design for reduced wind loading, it opens new possibilities, including highway lighting and energy solutions for underserved areas. Our floodplain-resistant, cold-weather-capable energy storage system brings power to remote northern locations, while optimized solar energy capture is well suited to colder climates. Stern Solar is your partner in lighting the way to a sustainable, brighter future.

The Stern Solar Power Pole sets a new benchmark for the state of the art in outdoor solar lamp pole design and power generation. The patent pending structural design is completely modular and scalable from 18 meters to 30 meters. Our 18 meter version can be equipped with up to 2250W of solar panel power nominal rating. This leaves the current leading state of the art suppliers such as ClearBlue/Illumient and Solar Vision completely behind in the power generation capabilities of their product offerings. Our curved panel body design yields a much lower wind loading that is distributed over the height of the pole. A 30 meter version of our design with a 3750W solar panel power nominal rating is completely viable.

The solar generating capacity alone of the Stern Power Pole allows for its application to use cases that were previously prohibitive. These include highway lighting, soccer and baseball field illumination, waterway and park illumination, power production for conservation and monitoring applications, as well as any application to supply power to unserviced or unreliably serviced areas where the cost for permitting, trenching and hydro upgrades would be astronomical. Our floodplain proof design is both vandal resistant and allows for application to any site requiring resilient energy infrastructure that can overcome new and changing levels of rainfall, wind speeds, and weather events. Our energy storage utilizes long cycle life batteries that are based on our heated LiFePo4 design and are accessible in the lower portion of the pole’s raised solar panel stem. Our self and solar heated batteries can charge and discharge at temperatures down to – 40 deg C using only using only 28% of the batteries energy capacity

per day. This opens the market for deployment in remote northern locations, including roads, rest stops, emergency shelters and communication/surveillance points that cannot be serviced by the existing state of the art solutions.

By using curved vertical solar panels arranged in arc segments, the Stern Solar Power Pole provides a snow resistant stationary tracking solution that is optimized for solar energy capture during the low arc path of the winter sun, making it the ideal solar power generation solution for northern climates.

Elevate your outdoor lighting and power generation with Stern Solar. Our modular Stern Solar Power Pole offers scalable designs from 5 to 33+ feet, delivering 2250W to 3750W solar panel power nominal rating. With floodplain-proof durability and heated LiFePo4 batteries, our solution thrives in challenging environments, ensuring reliable power supply. Featuring curved vertical solar panels and a snow-resistant tracking system, we lead in solar energy capture, ideal for cold climates. Join the solar revolution with Stern Solar – Illuminating a path to a brighter tomorrow.

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